About the Company

The Company with limited liability ARION is represented by two trademarks “Devaytis” and “Dzherelo Iakova” and occupies all aspects of distributing of mineral water due to a wide assortment and a range of options for packaging. We work to live up to consumers expectations about ARION products.  Our main task is to make nature available for everyone without interfering with its perfection.

Intellectual property

The name Arion and the picture of dolphin on the company logo are borrowed from the ancient Greek legend of the best lyre-player Arion who as well as Orpheus was able to enchant people and animals with his singing. According to legend, the robbers threw Arion into the sea, before that he had been allowed to sing his last song. Dolphins had heard the song and when Arion was in the water the dolphin took him on his back and saved his life. This legend shows purity and sincerity of Arion’s thoughts that were reflected in his songs. The songs had a magical influence on dolphins’ hearts. This principle became fundamental to Company’s philosophy.


Springs with unique water were founded near Stanislaviv at the beginning of the last century. Soon the sanatorium for treatment and prophylaxis was built not far away from these springs. The place was very popular and it was supposed to become a real therapeutic and recreation center with park alleys, fountains, rides, specially held railways and stagecoaches where honorable persons from Stanislaviv were able to improve their health, get strength and inspiration. But the period of war caused the changes in these plans. Military barracks, tankodroms, shooting range were located for a long time on the territory of sanatorium. Water was forgotten and wells were abandoned. The Company Arion gave this place a second life in 2000. Two springs – Devaytis and Dzherelo Iakova – were revived. Water became available for consumers from all parts of Western Ukraine.