According to archive data, pouring of water on an industrial scale began officially in 1904 (when the territory of Ukraine was under control of Poland). Its name steams from the name of book of the Polish writer Maria Rodzevich «Dewajtis» (1889), which was very popular at the border of XIX and XX century. Lithuanian origin of the word is related to the existing of Polish-Lithuanian Commonwealth. The word means healthy stout oak. The writer was inspired by 500-year-old oak that grew near her home, and the story is about a corner of paradise among perennial oaks around the spring. The characters in the novel lived more than 100 years due to this water. So when the new spring ZdrojDewajtis (Spring Devaytis) was discovered this name was very appropriate. And it is still the same, carrying the spirit of the story «Dewajtis» through centuries.

Flowing in underground rivers from the Carpathian Mountains, water Devaytis is purified by nature, it does not require additional filtering and goes into the bottles immediately from the spring. Water is not enriched by any additional chemical elements or minerals. Its naturally balanced chemical composition perfectly suited to the human body. Therefore, mineral water Devaytis is soft and delicious. Water is suitable for daily usage for adults and infants.

Indicators of water Devaytis

Девайтіс 2л сильногазованаДевайтіс 1,5л сильногазованаДевайтіс 0,5л сильногазованаДевайтіс 2л слабогазованаДевайтіс 1,5л слабогазованаДевайтіс 0,5л слабогазована
Девайтіс 2л негазована
Девайтіс 1,5л негазована
Девайтіс 0,5л негазована