Dzherelo Iakova

The name “Dzherelo Iakova” was offered not by advertising agency, but by local residents about a hundred years ago. Having opened the healing properties of the spring, people came to treat their ailments. This place spontaneously began to be associated with the biblical legend of St. Jacob well from which water had the same beneficial effect on health. At the beginning of the XX century, this spring was called Zdroj Jakuba, which meant Jacob’s spring (Dzherelo Iakova). Taking into account the legendary name, we decided to left it unchangeable.

The figure of St. Jacob is often depicted with a scepter with the help of which he found water, and the Bible with the shell on it – a symbol of revival.

“Dzherelo Iakova” is a mixture of water from two wells – Devaytis and Dzherelo Iakova. Mineral water from the last one contains a high concentration of minerals and chemical elements and therefore is only for external use (rinsing, taking a bath etc.). We mix this water in the appropriate proportions with water Devaytis to make it suitable for use. Thus, we get balanced therapeutic water rich in iodine, which is so necessary for health of current generation. Thanks to healing properties water “Dzherelo Iakova” is used for treatment (in accordance with the prescription) and as a not regular table drink for about century.

Natural iodine content in each bottle of water “Dzherelo Iakova” meets daily norm of the human body needs, ranging from 0.5 to 1.5 mg / l.

Water “Dzherelo Iakova” with a content of iodine, which is rare in Ukraine, improves thyroid, nervous system, enhances immunity and mental activity. It improves metabolism, stabilizes the acidity of the stomach, relieves the feeling of heartburn, and prevents intestinal diseases. It stabilizes level of blood sugar, improves metabolism, and flushes out toxins, radionuclides.

Water “Dzherelo Iakova” is recommended by Ukrainian Research Institute of medical rehabilitation and balneology in Odessa for prophylaxis and treatment.

Indicators of Water Dzherelo Iakova
Джерело Якова 1,5л сильногазованаДжерело Якова 0,5л сильногазованаДжерело Якова 1,5л слабогазованаДжерело Якова 0,5л слабогазована