For health

It is not a secret that water is the source of life for all living organisms on the Earth including the human. This fact shows the benefits of table water Devaytis and healing water Dzherelo Iakova. But there are some other reasons to drink water.
Water is required daily, whereas the lack of water can interrupt the work of all organs and systems. Moreover, water is involved in about 90% of chemical reactions in human body. What other reasons make us drink water?

Water relieves stress

Water removes stress symptoms such as headaches, muscle tension, impaired thinking, palpitations, and fatigue.
Stress affects all body systems and causes these symptoms. When a person does not drink enough water, the symptoms of stress become stronger. Even slight dehydration leads to a reduction in energy and mental deterioration processes. Dehydration causes also an increase in the number of “stress hormone” cortisol.

Water reduces weight

Most nutritionists believe that water is the basis of weight loss. Its proper use and balanced distribution allows flushing out harmful substances from the body and stabilizing its work. Water has only positive expert reviews for weight loss because the healing liquid resumes the work of all organs and cleanses all tissues. You can stock up on health and ensure the harmony of the body for years by drinking 1.5-2 liters of water Devaytis per day.

With Water Devaytis you will not get sick

The first line of defense in the way of viruses and bacteria are the mucous membranes. If mucous membranes are dry, the pathogens easily overcome the barrier, penetrate into the body and cause various diseases. It is necessary to drink enough water to moisten mucous membranes.
This rule is especially important to follow in enclosed spaces, for example on board of a plane where people are in a confined space for hours and inhale air which contains various microorganisms.

Water controls body temperature

Water helps to keep warm on a cold day and cool – on a hot day. Thermoregulatory system of the body is controlled by the hypothalamus. It continuously receives signals that allow it to maintain a constant body temperature. In hot weather, the body temperature is maintained by sweating, in cold – due to shuddering.
However, these mechanisms work effectively only if the body receives enough water.

Water regulates blood pressure

As you know, many people lose consciousness after taking blood from a vein due to the decrease in blood pressure.
In 2010, it was determined that if blood donors drink two cups of water before the procedure, the frequency of losing consciousness after the procedure is reduced by 20%.
It should be noted that many donors who lose consciousness after blood collection, never come to donate blood again. Thus, this discovery could help in attracting donors.

Water “Dzherelo Iakova” is an additional source of iodine

Water “Dzherelo Iakova” has a rare in Ukraine natural iodine that improves thyroid, nervous system, enhances immunity and mental activity. It improves metabolism, stabilizes the acidity of the stomach, relieves the feeling of heartburn, and prevents intestinal diseases. It stabilizes level of blood sugar, improves metabolism, and flushes out toxins, radionuclides.