Over 100 years ago, a short way off Stanislawow (the historical name of Ivano-Frankivsk) — across the land of picturesque Olesyov and Zasidka villages, — a deep source of mineralized water with healing properties was discovered. Saint Jacob the Apostle was chosen as the godfather for this crystal clear treasure from mineral aquifer deep within the Carpathian mountains. That is how the “JACOB SPRING” name appeared.

The healing-drinking “JACOB SPRING” water is unique by its iodine content through out the whole Europe. Because of its properties, the “JACOB SPRING” water is being used both for medical purposes, and as a drinking beverage.

“JACOB SPRING” mineral water contains up to 200 microgram of natural iodine, which is a recommended daily intake for teenagers and adults.

The Association of Arrhythmologists of Ukraine recommends:

  • reduces the manifestations of depression and stress
  • normalizes heart rhythm, blood pressure
  • reduces vegetative-vascular dystonia and weather dependence

  • supports thyroid gland function, strengthens immunity
  • mproves mental activity and physical condition
  • recommended for pregnant women and nursing mothers
  • normalizes the level of sugar in the blood

  • improves stomach metabolism (after overeating and heartburn)
  • restores strength after food poisoning and intoxication
  • removes toxins and radionuclides from the body

Recommended by the Ukrainian Research Institute of Medical Rehabilitation and Spa Treatment in Odesa.